About us

ICT4FREE, the public face of the idealistic foundation "Any Key", has been working on a better world since 2001 by helping other charities with their various ICT solutions. Our volunteers are committed ICT professionals who, through their training and/or work, have extensive experience with the tasks they perform at ICT4FREE.

ICT4Free Team

Our volunteers are all professionals who, through their training and/or work, have gained a lot of experience with the tasks they perform at ICT4FREE. In addition to volunteering, many of them also have a regular job in the ICT sector. Meet our team.


ICT4FREE is the public face of the idealistic foundation “Any Key”, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 28091246. All of our activities are carried out by a team of volunteers, consisting of:


The Board of ICT4FREE is responsible for the daily running of the foundation, the finances and for the communication with and the deployment of its volunteer workers. The Board ideally consists of four people.

Technical specialists

All of the ICT4FREE technical specialists have a great deal of experience in various ICT fields. In their daily (working) lives, they are often involved in various ICT projects. For example as a (website) programmer or as a network administrator.

Project Managers

A project manager oversees all of the projects we take on. At the start of the project, you will make general agreements with the project manager about the objective, approach and planning of the project. The project manager is also involved in the first concrete agreements you make with the implementing technical specialist and will closely monitor the progress of the project. If and when adjustments are needed in the implementation and/or planning of the project, both you and the technical specialist may at any time contact the project manager.

Communication officer(s)

The Board is assisted by volunteers who, through their education or profession, have affinity and/or experience with the world of communication. They take care of ICT4FREE's communication, but they can also advise clients on, for example, how to create an attractive website or set up a digital newsletter.


ICT4FREE has been designated "ANBI" (Dutch registration of Public Benefit Organisation), which allows donors to deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.


ICT4Free does not have its own office space, but gratefully makes use of a workspace for our periodic group meetings, made available free of charge.(in Leiden and Rijswijk). Visits are therefore only possible by appointment.

Postal address::
Glazenmakerstraat 14
2645 KX Delfgauw