About us


ICT4FREE is the public face of the "Any Key" ideological foundation, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 28091246.
RSIN number: 810049715

Board members

Frans Hazekamp
Chairman and Secretary

Sandra Dehue


ICT4Free offers free ICT solutions to charitable organisations: non-profit organisations with a social purpose, so that they can spend their financial resources on their primary purpose. Our organisation is completely dependent on voluntary efforts. Outline ICT4Free Policy Plan..

Remuneration Policy

The foundation "Any Key" and the voluntary organisation ICT4Free are entirely dependent on voluntary efforts. Volunteers carry out projects for our clients and/or perform organisational tasks within the organisation. They do not receive any financial or other remuneration for this. A modest compensation scheme applies in order to prevent volunteers from incurring additional costs as a result of volunteering.

The guidelines for reimbursements for volunteers and staff is stated in the policy document Remuneration policy ICT4Free.

Volunteer policy

The policy with regard to working with volunteers is laid down in the policy document Volunteer policy ICT4Free

ICT4Free aims for a high degree of professionalism. Our volunteers are professionals who, through their education and/or work, have extensive experience with the tasks they perform for ICT4Free, and are intrinsically motivated to make the world a better place by deploying the knowledge and skills they have gained in their field of expertise.

When taking on a project, we make clear working arrangements in writing with our clients and the involved volunteers.

Volunteers work for ICT4Free on the basis of a signed volunteering agreement.