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global network womens shelter

Global Network of Women’s Shelters

Wat: Website and Organisation database
When: 2017-2018

The Global Network of Women's Shelters is an international organisation with a work foundation based in The Hague. Due to its international character, communication is usually digitally. In 2016 we discovered that our existing website was no longer safe (hacked??).
We came into contact with ICT4free and asked if they could help us with the website.
Paul de Jong patiently helped us during the next 12 months. Our expertise in the design and management of a website was limited and he had to explain a lot. He made sure that the existing website became accessible again.
Our website was also in urgent need of an update and thanks to his expertise, in 2017, we managed to transform the website into a modern website with dedicated area’s for photos, news sections and the history of our network.
He also designed databases for us for different types of organizations, which will allow us in the future to collect and publish information about different organizations worldwide.
We are impressed by his expertise, patience and the precise way in which he managed the whole project. ICT4free fulfils a fantastic function for non-profit organizations with little or no resources!

For more information about the global network of Women's shelters, visit http://www.gnws.org