Wij doen

What we do

Project-based approach

ICT4FREE always works on a project basis. We take on an assignment, and when the job is done, we close the project down again. Before the start of a project, we make agreements with our client about the objective of the project, its lead time (duration), and who is responsible for which part. We record these aspects in a contract that we sign with you, and, if necessary, in a project plan.

Lead time

ICT4FREE mainly works with people who are volunteering alongside their regular jobs. As a rule this means they typically work on your project in in the evenings and weekends. Therefore, you should take into account that the lead time of a project may be longer than in a commercial organisation.

How does a project with ICT4FREE proceed?

1. Request
First you submit a request for ICT4FREE to take on your project (or query thereabout) using the contact form on the website. We will check whether your organisation is part of our target group, whether we can deliver what is requested, and if we have the capacity available to carry out the project in the near future. As a rule, we will inform you of what is possible within two weeks of your query.

2. Intake interview
The intake interview serves to get to know you and to discuss with your goals and wishes in more detail. The agreements we come to in that meeting are then summarized in a draft contract that we will send to you for review and to be returned to us with your signature.

3. Requirements and wishes
After the general agreement that ICT4Free can take on the project as discussed, we will map your requirements and wishes for your project in more detail and determine the feasibility of all the involved aspects in consultation with you.

4. Project execution
Based upon the agreed specifications, we will start working on the project.

5. Delivery
As soon as the project is near finish, we will consult with you if everything is as it should be.

6. Transfer
Upon transfer of the end result back in your control, we formally close the project. We can combine this transfer with the necessary instructions.