Wij doen

What we do

ICT4FREE offers free ICT solutions for charitable organisations, i.e. non-profit organisations with a social purpose. You can approach us for advice on how to tackle an ICT problem as well as for help with concrete projects. Examples include the construction or improvement of a website and the implementation of networks and office automation.

Target group

ICT4FREE works exclusively for non-profit organisations and voluntary organisations with a clear social purpose. We make no distinctions based on the size or the financial scope of an organisation. A small neighbourhood committee is just as welcome as a large national organisation. With our efforts we want to ensure that an organisation is better able to do its work by using the available money primarily for its core tasks, rather than on (unnecessarily) expensive ICT solutions. We focus specifically on organisations in the Leiden region and the surrounding area ('small Randstad').

What we can do for you

ICT4FREE can help you with various ICT solutions, both in the hands-on execution of projects (including website realization or the implementation of networks or office automation) and in providing advice on how to tackle ICT issues. Read more about our services and approach.


Yes, we offer our services free of charge. You will not be charged for the time spent by our volunteers.

It may, however, occur that, as part of the project that we carry out for you, you wish to make use of a specific programme or an external service that requires payment, or, for example, that you have to or wish to purchase certain hardware for your organisation. In that case, the involved costs are at your own expense and the final decision on the purchase is therefore of course entirely yours. In such an event you may f course count on our best advice to help you make a decision. Moreover, in some cases we may help to arrange a more favourable price for you, as there are special arrangements for many non-profit organisations. In such cases, we can discuss with your what would be the most desirable solution.